Grief Recovery Coaching

In the last 4.5 years I have lost 8 people to death.

4 of them were very close to me, especially one person in particular. Also 4 of these people were under the age of 35 due to suicides and car accidents.

Being a Life coach and wellness councillor myself, and therefor very passionate about mental healthcare, I started to realise that this was too much for me to process all on my own.

The shock and trauma started to derail my inner thoughts and behaviour and I realised that I needed help. Not in normal counselling, but someone that specialise in grief counselling.

I discovered Astro on the internet and reading her story I decided to take a chance. That was the best decision of my life. Not knowing what to expect, Astro took me on a journey of my life and all the losses I experienced (not just in death). Her warm personality, compassion and guidance made the process not just about my loss, but a journey of self-discovery and immense personal growth (outside my circle of grief); understanding how it had impacted my decisions, emotions and relationships. Astro’s empathy, understanding and listening skills are outstanding and I felt safe through our whole journey. I loved that she gave me tools to use whenever I might need it for the future.

I will refer my clients and family that are going through a grieving process with absolute confidence and trust to her. In fact, I trust her and her program so deeply that I have booked sessions for my daughter in her grief journey.

Thank you, Astro, for enriching my life with your wisdom and authentic personality and knowledge. The sadness stays with us, but you taught me how to grow around it. The tear of remembrance is now with a warmth, healing and inner peace.

You are an exceptional coach and person.

Marinda Casalvolone

Grief Recovery Coaching

“My wife and best friend passed away in January 2021, I was absolutely devastated, I did not believe
I would ever recover from this sad loss. To try and assist me my daughter did some on line searching
and found Astro, at my first on line meeting with her I realised that she has an excellent
understanding of bereavement and showed wonderful warm compassion. From the outset she
made it clear that grief does not get less or go away we just learn to re-build our lives around it.
The step-by-step journey was amazing, and Astro was there to gently guide me through the process.
As each week went by, I felt more and more in control of my life and emotions. Astro was very clear
that this was a coaching process that would run its course and then be over, it was not long-term
A few weeks ago, we came to the end of a very enlightening and rewarding journey, I am coping very
well now and whilst I still miss my wife enormously and have moments of sadness, I am well
equipped to begin my new journey.

Thank you Astro, you are an amazing angel and I will be forever grateful for what you have taught

Gary Magnus
June 2021

Grief Recovery Coaching

“I met Astro about 6 weeks after my wife passed away.

I have been married for 40 years, the difficulty of coming to terms with this tremendous loss in my life made me realise that I needed help. Reading about Astro’s background, I decided that because she has also experienced a tremendous loss in her life, she would be well positioned to assist me. And, I was correct! From our first coaching session, we embarked upon a journey that was at times extremely difficult for me, at times the homework was very challenging, and I had to dig very deep to do what she asked me to do. I was comfortable throughout the process that there was real empathy and understanding from Astro’s side, whilst simultaneously, I could experience the sound, simplistic and effective coaching processes she put me through. She held my hand and my emotions and never became directive, she made me aware all the time that the answers I was seeking, or the healing I was hoping for, would come from within, whilst she was expertly facilitating this enormously emotional time of my life.

I can only say “Thank you Astro” when I needed help desperately, you came into my life with your professionalism and kindness. I know my new journey has just begun, but with what you have transferred to me during our sessions, the journey will continue much easier.”

Tommie Burger  


Relationship Recovery coaching

“The experience of working with Astro on old hurts and the learning that has come from the process of letting go of my excess baggage has been such a gift. Thank you Astro for raising my awareness and guiding me through these learnings. I am now living in the moment and enjoying all the positives in my life. I recommend this process to all who might be carrying hurts and sadness, it is healing and uplifting.”

Kathrine Bekker-Smith Laatz 

Life Coaching

“I chose to embark on a journey of ‘self-discovery’ with Astro.   I was at a place in my life where I just knew that there was so much more potential in me, but I was unable to access it, mostly due to a fear of letting myself down and a long-standing habit of self-sabotage.   Astro has this lovely way of making one feel safe and she was strong and supportive when holding all emotions that came up for me.  This enabled me to look at parts of myself I would usually choose to ignore. 

Exploring myself and my beliefs and looking at them from a part of me that is intuitive and wise are but a few of the hugely empowering tools to come from this process.  I came from a place of uncertainty into a wonderfully liberated world of knowing exactly who I am and, even better, that I deserve to explore every aspect of my potential and to love being alive.  I am so excite to live – really live.

I believe that my process with Astro @ Blue Kites was one of the biggest gifts in my life. “

Ashley   Burns

Life Coaching

“…I sought assistance from Astro at a time when I found myself at a crossroads, unfocussed, lacking confidence and immobilized. Two months and eight sessions later, I feel quite the opposite.

Astro is a great coach. Her gentle, open and non-judgemental approach made me very comfortable and made it easy to share. The coaching process is seemingly unstructured, yet, one finally leaves the sessions feeling that it has evolved and created its own structure that ultimately achieved the desired outcome.

I Feel Empowered! This has been an amazing journey. Thank you! “

Suraya Essop 


Life Coaching

“Thank you again for the time and value that you have added to my life. It was a great experience and I truly feel that I have grown personally as a result. Thank you for providing a space in which I was challenged, upheld and contained. I truly appreciate it.”


Grief Recovery Coaching

“Completing the Grief Coaching course with Astro, is like finally being able to close the door and settle the soul.  It feels like I can move on with my life with respect for my past but with joy and excitement for what is still to come.  The weight on the holding ropes of my heart has been lifted and there is a peace finally, about the process of loss.”

Thank you so much Astro – Patsy Melhuish 

Loss Recovery Coaching

“I remember walking to your office with an expectation limited.
I vividly remember you welcoming me with a broad smile.
I recall being teary in the beginning, fearful to out pour to a stranger what was “confusion”,pain of loss and
I only have this to say “A journey travelled to closure – Recovery!
Thank you for professionally engaging me towards recovery.
Indeed when I changed the way I saw things, everything around me changed.
To me, my kids, my family and all around me; I am a best person free from self-blame.”

Keep on and keep up.

Tons of love,
Moleele Mojapelo
Shilego Skills Institute

Life Coaching

“…I contacted Astro with the hope of getting out of a tight spiral I had myself in—self perpetuating thoughts of limitation and resistance to change.

Each and every minute with Astro as my coach was meaningfully valuable to me!

…I am no longer so sensitive to intimidation or afraid that I may be misunderstood. Now I can look around and recognize bountiful resources available, the richness of my life, and the regained confidence in my own abilities. I can trust myself more, and have become more “present” in myself and within my family and environment.

 …After the very first session with Astro, my high blood pressure dropped. I contacted my cardiologist, who told me to monitor my blood pressure daily and stop taking my medication while it continued to be lowered and normal. As a biofeedback specialist, I was not surprised to experience my physical body relieved so dramatically. I was learning to let go of the defensive stance created by my misconceptions. Astro’s time-line visualization practice allowed me to see with a true perspective, the past events which impeded my progress.

…Becoming empowered to me now means to communicate with maturity, equality, control and positivity–fearlessly. I have never been stronger. Life is brighter and much more enjoyable since practicing Astro’s techniques of clearing past blockages and seeing the untruths they were based on.

Thank you Astro for sharing your wisdom with me,”

Donna Simons Moser

Relationship Building workshops – 160 members of staff – Eastern Cape - 2012

“In order to achieve maximum outcome with limited time and resources, there was a need for detailed planning and strategizing. Astro was very attentive to the needs of the organization and its employees. She developed an extraordinary plan which included physical activities, role playing and in-depth discussions. The workshops suited our requirements perfectly, were very well received by the teams and the results were immediate. Each team in each hospital now work as one, the patients receive better service and the employees are content.

Astro is a strong facilitator who is able to lead a group to deeper understanding; she encourages them to act and to reach the individual’s potential. All is done with sense of humour and fun. In our workshops she showed great cultural sensitivity, flexibility in travelling to remote areas and working in challenging conditions.

Her contribution to our organization will not be forgotten and we will be happy to use her services again in future.”

Yours faithfully

Galit Cohan
Health Programme Manager
Donald Woods Foundation

Life Coaching

“Dearest Astro (Naledi)

I don’t know where to start !

Maybe I should start by thanking the Highest Powers of aligning you in my path to assist in quieting the loud noise that was ruling in my head.

I came to you like a broken vase, in the past couple of months you have assistant me in mending this vase into ‘becoming the most beautiful vase” , though the cracks are still there – the vase can hold on the water and flowers!

I’m grateful for your guidance into my journey, the loud chatter has tremendously slowed down, I’m starting to understand how it feels like to experience peace of mind, and to learn to be in charge of the inner me and understanding living in the now.

I have started a relationship with myself and I’m loving very bit of it. It’s so much easier to be able to embrace & discover me – as I continue in the  adventure of this relationship –I have faith that I will / I’m becoming the best of me – that will enable me to give the best of me to others. I’m learning to be gentle with myself.

Thank you for guiding me into the deep dark places where I never dared to step – what a relief! Thank you for helping me understand the truth, see the reality of things and   as tough as it was at times-I got through it.  

PS: Thank you for having the confidence in me that I can fly on my own! 

With love and gratitude”


Facilitation - Team Building DA

“On the 17th November 2013, 90 members of the Democratic Alliance Johannesburg Caucus embarked on a 2 day workshop. The facilitation was headed up by Astro Zack-Dishon.
Astro had come highly recommended by another facilitator and due to unforeseen circumstances we only had a limited time in which to prepare for this all-important breakaway. With a specific brief and an initial brief meeting, Astro was able to design an entire program that did not only achieve tangible result but way more than that within the limit of 2 days.
Astro brings a range of specialist skills that not only make her a competent facilitator, consultant and strategist but a productive team player on the day. Based on my own personal experience and the feedback from the caucus I would gladly recommend Astro for your next workshop, strategy session or team-building session.”
With thanks
Darren Bergman
Ward 32 – Johannesburg

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