Friday, Mar 22nd 2019

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What is Mediation

It is a process in which the parties in conflict come together to resolve disputes and negotiate mutually acceptable solutions, with the assistance of an impartial mediator facilitating the discussion and negotiations.
The mediator does not make decisions. Any agreements reached are voluntarily decided by the participants.

The objective of Mediation

Is to assist disputing parties focus on a mutual problem, talk about it, discuss possible solutions, and if they choose, agree upon a solution.

Why Mediation?

The advantages of mediation over other forms of dispute resolution are overwhelming…

Mediation allows parties to fully communicate with one another in a constructive and positive environment, controlled by a neutral facilitator.

Survival of relationships
Mediation assists parties to maintain and grow their existing relationship with one another; it creates a sense of self-empowerment and recognition of each other.

Time saving
Mediation is a relatively quick process and gives parties a shorter time frame in which to resolve disputes.

Cost effective
Mediation is a relatively inexpensive process without the on-going costs of litigation.

Mediation meetings are held privately and are confidential.

Mediation meetings are conducted without formal protocol or procedures. There are wider opportunities available to discover creative solutions.

At mediation, only the parties make the decisions.


Mediation can take place either in my consultation room or at your premises at a time convenient to all.

An average session will take about two hours but can be extended, if necessary.

The mediation sessions are charged per hour.