Friday, Mar 22nd 2019

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fly the kite within you


In the past 10 years I have facilitated hundreds of interventions in the corporate and private sectors. My workshops are tailor-made around the specific needs of a team/work-group, addressing a large range of issues, some of which are listed bellow:

  • Relationship Building in work-groups, building trust and respect
  • Conflict resolution
  • Building bridges and addressing diversity
  • Women empowerment
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Coaching conversations
  • Exploring the Vision and Values of the company
  • Facilitating brainstorming discussions in teams
  • Resilience






Resilience is all about building capacity to deal with the increasing, and often stressful, demands of today‚Äôs workplace.  It is the ability to ‚Äėbounce back‚Äô from adverse circumstances with new skills that enable an individual to meet and pre-empt organisational demands.  The keyfindingabout resilience is that it‚Äôs not something we are either born with or without.  We can learnresilience; it is a set of responses we can choose.


The C.H.O.O.S.E. Resilience model is derived from grounded theory, and is highly adaptable for many different environments.


In the workplace, resilient skills empower individuals to manage stress arising from overload, meeting deadlines, dysfunctional working relationships, poor planning and organisational skills, and a myriad of other stress-inducing conditions.


The C.H.O.O.S.E. Resilience model can be tailored to suit organisational requirements. Content can be adapted for various levels of staff, and for different environments.  Pre-workshop briefings with management may be conducted to ascertain specific requirements for each group, team, or department, and the emphasis of the programme will be adjusted to suit those needs.


The programme is delivered in a full one-day workshop (08h30 to 16h30). 


A needs analysis to ascertain your specific requirements will be conducted prior to the intervention. Workshops will take place at a venue suitable to the needs of the client.
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